About us

WELCOME / Hoş Geldin!

My name is Ferzan Jaeger and I’m the founder of Olive & Loom. Raised in Istanbul and settled in the US, my passion is exploring new ways to bring these two cultures together. I love to surround myself with simple treasures that remind me of family, history, my favorite foods, and the vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle. After having kids, I have become even more interested in raising them in a multicultural environment and teaching them my family traditions.


Olive & Loom's mission is to bring you traditional, old world goods with a fresh, modern aesthetic. We focus on practical items made using artisanal methods and all natural sources.

So, here we are: Olive & Loom. Soul-made, simple, traditional, functional products. We started our journey in 2016 inspired by the wonderful Turkish Baths / Hamam rooted in the rich history of the Ottoman Empire. We worked directly with independent manufacturers to commission a Modern Peshtemal; a soul-made, hand-loomed towel in current styles and colors. We completed our New Hamam experience with rich Olive Oil soap bars that are natural, moisturizing and soothing, and infused with wonderful fragrances.

In 2019, it’s out of the bath and into the world. We continue to showcase the versatility of cotton enriched by bright sunny skies and warm Mediterranean breezes. Our new line of products contain beachwear and accessories that help you step seamlessly from street to sand, then out again for a night on the town. We bring you bright beautiful patterns and relaxed silhouettes suitable for most occasions and body types. Plus just like you’ve come to expect from Olive & Loom, our towels and robes are still perfect for wherever life takes you – whether bath, beach, kitchen, gym or travel.

Olive & Loom brings you the textures, colors and scents of Turkey, my first home. I hope that each product brings you as much pleasure as it does me.   - Ferzan